On the mic

Jessica enjoys talking on a range of subjects and has done so on various podcasts.  She's passionate about sharing her work and opinions in science and global health and talking about women in science. She has appeared on the Talk Nerdy Podcast with Cara Santa Maria and on BioLegend's Talkin' Immunology podcast, chatting on everything from global health policy to rockstar scientists to love of Renaissance Faires.

Jessica chats HIV, emerging infectious and zoonotic diseases, and the complexity of issues in global health, including its policy and implementation with Cara Santa Maria on the Talk Nerdy Podcast.

Jessica talks global health science, rockstar scientists, and love of Renaissance Faires with BioLegend's Talkin' Immunology podcast team.


Jessica regularly appears on the weekly global health show "This Week in Global Health," which is also available in podcast form. 


She also has been a repeat guest on the music and pop culture podcast "The Circus Life," recorded locally at the famed Cue Recording Studios in Falls Church, Virginia.